Little Angels Learning Center and Preschool

of the First United Methodist Church

Our Philosophy

Little Angels Learning Center believes that every child is entitled to safe, healthful, loving care, which strengthens family life. We believe that children learn best by doing and being involved, and that a child’s growth and development are best achieved through individual attention, nurturing, and exposure to a diversity of resources, activities, and experiences. Little Angels is able to implement its philosophy by utilizing a curriculum that emphasizes developmentally appropriate learning activities and character education.

The Little Angels Advantage

Little Angels Learning Center does not simply provide care, but caters to the developmental needs of the whole child. We offer creative experiences through exposure to art, science, music and cultural diversity. The latter is of special importance to us. We believe that it is imperative that children not only be exposed to the cultural diversity that is present in our community, but that children who are of a cultural minority are able to attend programs where their own background is represented and their uniqueness celebrated! Children will learn about respect, honesty, responsibility, friendship and caring as it is incorporated into the curriculum. LALC accepts children of all races, cultures, religions, family structures and abilities.

Members Area

 LALC follows the Iowa City School district for weather closings.  If ICCSD is closed then LALC will be closed.

Current Openings
edited 5/15/18


July & Aug only= 1 spot

Sept 2018- Jan 2019 only = 2 spots

Feb - June 2019 infant room is completely full.


**great for people just needing summer care

June =3 spots

July = 2 spots

Aug = 4 spots

Sept-Nov = 1 spots

Dec= 2 spot


June-July =1

Aug= full


Dec = 1 spot

PK 1

June-July= 1 spot


Sept - Dec = 3 spots

PK 2

June - July=3 spots

Aug = 1 spot

Sept - Dec = 4 spots

PK 3


Sept - Dec = 4 spots

The best way to contact LALC
[email protected]

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