Little Angels Learning Center and Preschool

of the First United Methodist Church

Preschool 2 (Three 1/2-Four 1/2 Year Olds) & 
Preschool 3 (Four 1/2-Five Year Olds)

The Pre-K 2 and Pre-K 3 rooms are focused on preparing its children for success in the classroom as well as later on in kindergarten. A large part of our day is spent working on vital social skills. Learning how to play with one another and effectively expressing one's thoughts and feelings is a major milestone for four and five year olds. Our goal is to teach every child to become a problem solver; to resolve conflicts with each other by talking about it and coming to a solution that all agree on. This is a skill that will greatly benefit them in the future. Developing social skills are of even greater importance than learning the alphabet or counting to twenty. They lay a foundation in which more academic achievements can be built on.

The philosophy behind the Creative Curriculum is that children learn best through play. 

  • Preschool 2 classroom 

      • Our children participate in activities throughout the day that promote learning social skills. 
      • PreK 2 does weekly thematic units with creative learning centers in writing, imagination play, math, science, & sensory play. 
      • We start working on letter recognition, counting to 20, working on writing our names, and expanding previous learning skills.
      • We start making science journals, and working on creative preschool portfolio.

  • Preschool 3 classroom

      • Our children participate in activities throughout the day that promote social skills.
      • Learning letters and sounds are incorporated into poems, songs and games.  
      • Children participate in making their own books related to themes.
      • Everyone keeps a science journal to record predictions and observations on a variety to experiments throughout the year.

  Being a four or five year old at LALC is really fun!  We utilize the Alpha Friends to teach the ABC's and also utilize Second Step curriculum to teach social emotional skills.  We have also been trained to use PBIS. 
(Positive Behavior Intervention and supports)

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